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The Magical Nightlife of the Demimonde

Queen of Burlesque Stella Starr shakes a tassel at Toulouse-Lautrec's cabaret lithographs and tells us what it really feels like to be on stage

Stella Starr

Stella runs Vavavavoom, a glamorous fantasy world celebrating the golden age of Hollywood movies, B-movie trash and Burlesque Cabaret. To raise the curtain on her world of Kitty Girl Waitresses, Gogo dancers and Showgirls in glitzy costumes and feather headdresses please follow this link!

Part 1: Miss Ida Heath

Part 2: Yvette Guilbert

Part 3: On Stage

Part 4: Chanson Ancienne

Part 5: Linger, Longer, Loo

Part 6: Leaving the Theatre

Author's Biography

Daughter of underground filmmaker Jeff Keen, Stella Starr had a bohemian ‘beatnik’ upbringing, for which she is eternally grateful. A former ‘child star’ of her father’s films, she found her love of dressing up and showing off through the magic of cinema – from the Golden Heights of Hollywood to the Glorious Depths of B-Movies! She’s also been an animator/comic book artist, and drummer with lo-fi punk popsters SEXLOVEBUSTERBABY! Back in 1993 Stella co-produced a weekly cabaret night – "Andy Walker's Fame Frame" at the Zap Club in Brighton UK, working with a very talented team of eccentrics including Bob E. Gold and Fifi de Maintenon. She started shakin’ some tassels, and the rest is history. So “Vavavavoom!” - a marriage of Burlesque Vaudeville and British Music Hall with music from the 1940’s/50’s was born, with the bold Troupe ‘doing their bit’ to keep the art of Burlesque and Variety alive…

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